Група компаній "Оптімус Агро" запрошує на роботу

Chief Engineer



Complete higher education (master, specialist)
Work experience: at least, two years of field experience. Successful management experience; good skills of maintenance of technical documentation
Good knowledge of processing equipment
Good ability to develop and implement organizational and technical measures aimed at increasing the reliability of operation of the boiler equipment, reducing heat energy losses, rational using fuel and energy resources, reducing equipment downtime during the repair periods, and preparing the equipment for operation taking into account seasonal conditions
High responsibility, communicability, result-oriented team playing qualities, and ability to set tasks and to control their implementation
PC knowledge (level: a confident user)


Management of the technical services of the enterprise
Management of linear local heat distribution and metering stations
Provision for a non-stop operation of all the system, production lines, and capacities
Organization of scheduled and unscheduled repair operations
Compilation of technical documentation, work plans, and End of Assignment Reports
Interaction with supervision and control agencies
Correct setting of tasks and monitoring of deadlines and quality of their performance by employees
Good knowledge of heat-process engineering and boiler equipment
Good knowledge of boiler operation peculiarities (gas and husk boilers) and turbine-generator units
Good knowledge of the rules and standards of safe technical operation of boiler equipment

Working conditions

Place of employment: Shevchenkivsky district, Zaporizhzhia
Work in a stable company, official employment
A corporate mobile plan will be provided

The salary level will be discussed during an interview; please indicate your expected remuneration account in your CV or in the cover letter.

Contact Information

Pozhydaieva Hanna

Director of the Human Resources Department


E-mail: hrdoptimus@gmail.com

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