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Our group of companies, which operates under the “Optimus Agro” brand name, is a leading Ukrainian agro-industrial company and one of the largest processors of agricultural products in Ukraine engaged in the production of sunflower oil, meal, and husk.

Our Company is one of the top 5 Ukrainian sunflower seed processors in the Ukrainian market in terms of installed capacity. Our finished products are sold to the final consumer not only in the domestic market of Ukraine but also in foreign markets. Every month, we sell 30 thousand tons of sunflower oil and 27 thousand tons of sunflower meal and up to 7 thousand tons of granulated sunflower husk under DAF / CPT/FOB/CIF delivery terms.

The Optimus Agro brand brings together a large private network of grain storages in Ukraine with a total capacity of simultaneous storage in excess of 1.1 million tons of grain, and PJSC “Zaporozhien oil extraction plant” with capacity of recycling 900 ths tons per year. Interaction producers of agricultural producers allows our Company to maintain its leading position in the market of seeds and food processing.

Today, we employ over 2,100 persons.

Key market segments of the OPTIMUS AGRO Group

Raw materials Purchase and processing of oilseeds: sunflower seeds and soybeans
Vegetable oils Sales of soft vegetable oils; purchase of tropical oils
Oil meals Sales
Storage Grain and oilseed storage services

Our geography

The company has branched network units

Geography products consumption of our company

Africa Egypt, Morocco, Algeria
Asia China, India, Pakistan
Middle East Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman
Europe Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, Baltic States, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine
South America Brazil

Purchases geography

Asia Malaysia, Indonesia (tropical oils)
Europe Ukraine (oilseeds)

Production units and structural divisions of the company

Our history

History of creating Company


The Optimus Agro brand brings under its brand PJSC "Zaporozhien oil extraction plant" located in Zaporizhzhya city in order to improve the quality of control of oilseeds


The Optimus Agro Group is included in the TOP -5 processors of sunflower seeds in the Ukrainian market in terms the installed capacity.


The Optimus Agro brand brings under its brand grain storages located in Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, KKherson, Donetsk, and Cherkasy regions of Ukraine in order to improve the quality of control of oilseeds.


Optimus Agro’s long-term relationships with a large network of grain storages in Ukraine ensure a total capacity for simultaneous storage of more than 1.2 million tons of grain. Grain storages are located in key sunflower regions of the country.


The Company signed a long-term contract with Poltava Oil Extraction Plant for processing of raw materials for production and sales of bottled sunflower oil under the Shchedro brand name.


The Company increased its capacity for production of vegetable oil to 850 thousand tons of sunflower seeds per year at an oil-extraction plant in Zaporizhzhia.


The Company continued to increase its capacity for processing sunflower seeds to 400 thousand tons per year. Upon the strengthening of its positions in the Ukrainian market, the Company management decided to expand its portfolio and to reach foreign markets, which resulted in conclusion of the first contracts for the export of sunflower oil and meal.


The Company increased its capacity for processing sunflower seeds to 250 thousand tons.


The Company continued to expand its capacity for purchase and storage and extended beyond the Zaporizhzhia region.


The Company expanded its storage capacity for sunflower seeds through conclusion of a number of contracts with grain warehouses for a volume of 100 thousand tons per year in the Zaporizhzhia region of Ukraine.


The Company started its business activities in the field of agricultural lending. It had a little money and assets and was mainly engaged in processing of raw sunflower seeds into sunflower oil and meal with the sale of finished products in Ukraine.