Food and Feed Quality and Safety POLICY


Is dynamic increase of production volumes; increase of job opportunities, ensuring maximum satisfaction of customers’ needs and improvement of the activities effectiveness through sale of safe and high-quality food and feed to consumers; obtaining profits sufficient for investing in the development of OPTIMUSAGRO TRADE LLC and ensuring profitability for the owners of the enterprise.

For the fulfilment of its mission, the Top Management of OPTIMUSAGRO TRADE LLC undertakes to fulfil its obligations, namely:

  • to comply with legislative, regulatory requirements and requirements of the internal documentation of the management system regarding the quality, safety and legality of food and feed;
  • to constantly improve the food and feed quality and safety management system;
  • to ensure the implementation of mutually agreed consumers’ requirements to the food and feed quality and safety;
  • to ensure functioning of the food and feed quality and safety management system with the necessary resources;
  • to ensure continuous identification, assessment and risks management related to the food and feed safety;
  • to continuously improve employees’ skills, competence and awareness in the field of food and feed safety and quality, to encourage of employees to actively participate in improving the quality management system and food and feed safety;
  • to develop and modernize production on the basis of the use of technologies safe for food and feed;
  • to periodically review the Food and Feed Quality and Safety Policy to ensure its adequacy;
  • to ensure the development and achievement of the goals in the field of the food and feed quality and safety, to conduct an analysis of the management system effectiveness;
  • to provide clear-cut control by managers of all levels in order to perform works with the required quality and safety level;
  • to support all the works, ideas, and staff proposals aimed at developing and strengthening the management system;
  • to prioritize employees’ lives and health through creation of appropriate, safe and healthy working conditions;
  • to provide openness to consumers, employees and other stakeholders on the issues relating to the food and feed quality and safety.

To fulfil the obligations above, the Top Management of OPTIMUSAGRO TRADE LLC requires the folloing from its employees:

  • to meet the established requirements;
  • to detect inconsistencies in activities and eliminate their causes;
  • to make suggestions on improving activities;
  • to carry out self-monitoring;
  • to increase the level of their competence;
  • not to allow fulfilment of works that can lead to a decrease in the products quality and safety.

Each employee shall be responsible for the quality and safety in his/her area of activity.

Each unit manager should be an example of a conscious attitude to the food and feed quality and safety management system for subordinates.

We are all one team and we strive to do our best to ensure our customers’ full satisfaction and fulfilment of our mission.

Director General