World Exports of Rapeseed Meal in 2015/16 May Fall to Five-Year Minimum

21 January 2016

Oil World. The world exports of rapeseed meal will reduce in the current season to a five-year’s minimum of 5.56 mln. tons, which on 0.61 mln. tons to last year’s figure and 1.14 mln. tons below the record level of 2013/14. It is noted that the reason for reducing the trade volume in these products in the world will be a decrease in world production of rapeseed meal.

Analysts expect the exports from India to decrease to 400 (996) thous. tons, those from EU, to 335 (397) thous. tons, and those from Ukraine, to 155 (174) thous. tons, whereas exports from Canada will increase to 3.75 (3.62) thous. tons, those from the UAE, to 375 (330) thous. tons, and those from Russia, to 240 (239) thous. tons (values for 2015/16 MY).

A significant decrease in imports of rapeseed meal in the current season to the South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Bangladesh is expected. In particular, the imports of products to South Korea will constitute 410 (499) thous. tons, those to Thailand, 300 (357) thous. tons, those to Vietnam, 170 (244) thous. tons, those to China, 90 (142) thous. tons, and those to the USA, 3.42 (3.5) mln. tons.