EU: MARS Voices EU Forecast Crop Yields for 2016

22 March 2016

In its first report on crop yields in the EU, the analysts of MARS voiced the figure for wheat at the level of 59.6 dt/ha, which is 4.8% below last year’s value; the forecast for winter barley is 58.2 dt/ha (-4.9%). In this case, the yield of these crops exceeds the annual average for the past 5 years (by 2.3% and 4.4%, respectively).

Experts report that the condition of winter crops is generally good due to favorable weather conditions, and that the crop prospects are high.

Corn yield, in its turn, is expected at the level of 71.2 dt/ha, which is 10.9% above the low result of last year, when grain crops had had a negative impact of weather conditions.

Also, according to MARS analysts, the reporting figure for rapeseed could reach 33.1 t/ha (-1.4%).