Personnel policy

Basic principles of the Company’s personnel policy:

OPTIMUS means “the best” in Latin. This has proved true over time. Despite the economic turmoil in our country and in the world, Optimus Agro continues to develop rapidly, to grow, and to replenish its personnel with talented employees.

The personnel policy of our Company is based primarily on good relations and respect among our employees. During adaptation, the HR department always helps new employees to feel a part of our team. This is achieved through collective action and through goodwill.

Basic principles of the Company’s personnel policy:
– Cooperation with educational institutions; employment and attraction of young professionals by experienced professionals of our Company to implement labor potential.
– Particular attention is paid to such specialties as technology of storage and processing of grain, accounting and auditing, equipment for processing and food industry, and thermal power;
– Willingness of the Company to pay attention to training and professional development of our employees;
– Support of the advancement of our employees and help in achieving their goals;
– High demand for independence and individual responsibility of our employees;
– Provision of safe and healthy working conditions;
– Compliance with and respect of the laws and regulations relating to human rights;
– Compliance and even exceedance of the level of wages and other remuneration provided for in legislation or industry standards;
– Strict compliance with the current law (legitimacy and legality).
Our team is trying to solve all the problems. We never say that there is no way out; we offer all the options for addressing any complexity issues, which again speaks of the high level of professionalism and responsibility of our employees.

If you want to be successful, professional, and always work hard, you are the best candidate for our Company and our future employee.


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Locomotive Driver of the 4th Rank

Zaporizhzhia City

Manoeuvring works

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Locksmith for Repair and Maintenance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems of the 5th Rank

Zaporizhzhia City

Repair and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems

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Director of a grain elevator

All Ukraine

Management of a grain elevator so as to ensure the performance of the production process

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