Production of one of the largest Ukrainian Sunflower Seed by installed capacity


Humidity –base 8,0%;
Garbage admixture –base 3%;
Oil admixture –max. 15%;
Acid numbermax. 2,2 mg/KOH

Sunflower oil

Crude, first quality. State Standard 4492:2005
FFA:Baseline: 2%; maximum: 3%, non-reciprocal allowance of 2:1, fractions in proportion in the Buyer’s favor.
Moisture & Impurities:Maximum: 0.5% (as per the FOSFA method)
Flash temperature:Minimum: 121 oC (as per the FOSFA method)
Radioactivity:Free from radioactivity with the possible maximum of 600 bq/kg of Cesium 134 and 137
Hydrocarbon content (C10-C56):Maximum: 50 ppm (as per Dr. Verwey laboratory)

Sunflower meal

Non granulated. Technical Conditions of Ukraine 4638:2006.
Sunflower meal is a firm product obtained from sunflower seeds under extraction with the use of additional wet-heat treatment. The mass fraction of the crude protein as expressed in an absolutely dry substance is 38-39%.

Protein:(as is basis) – min. 35.0%.
Fiber:(as is basis) – max. 20.0%
Fat:(as is basis) – max. 2.0%
Moisture:max. 11.0%

Sunflower husk

Pressed and granulated. ТCU 15.4-00373847-203:2007
Ash, %max: 4
Bulk density, kg/m3min: 500
Mass fraction of moisture and flying substances, %max: 12
Warmth of combustion, MJ/kgmin: 16
Diameter, mm8
Length, mm12


Barley meets the requirements of DSTU 3769-98.
Humidity –base 14,0 %, max. 25%;
Garbage admixture –base 2%, max. 8%;
Grain admixture –max. 10,0%;
Including grains of other cultures –not more than 5,0%;
Natural weight –base 580 g/L, min. 550 g/L.


Corn meets the requirements of DSTU 4525:2006.
Humidity –base 14,5%;
Garbage admixture –base 2,0%;
Grain admixture –max. 15,0%;
Including damaged grains –base 5,0%; max. 8,0%;
Including cracked grains –base 5,0%, max. 15,0% minus damaged.


Soy according to DSTU 4964:2008
Humidity –base 12,0%;
Garbage admixture –base 2,0 %;
Protein –base 34,0 %, мін. – 30,0 %;
Oil admixture –base – 15,0%, max. – 20,0%;
Damaged grains –max. 5,0%;
Wrinkled grain –max. 10,0%.


Rape according to DSTU 4966:2008.
Humidity –base 8,0 %, max. 15,0%;
Garbage admixture –base 2%, max. 10%;
including difficult-to-separate admixture –3,0%;
Oil admixture –max. 8%,;
Erucic acid contentmax. 2%.


Sorghum according to DSTU 4962:2008.
Humidity –base 14,0%;
Garbage admixture –base 2%;
Grain admixture –not more than 15,0%;
including cracked grains –base 5,0%.

Wheat of the 2nd and the 3nd grade (group A), of the 6th grade

Wheat according to DSTU 3768:2010Wheat of the 2nd gradeWheat of the 3nd gradeWheat of the 6nd grade
Humidity –base 14,0%;base 14,0%;base 14,0%;
Garbage admixture –base 2,0%;base 2,0%;base 2,0%; max. 5%.
Grain admixture –max. 8,0%;max. 8,0%;max. 15,0%;
in particular impurity cultures –base 1,0%; макс 4,0%;max 4,0%;max 5,0%;
including sprouted grains-max 3,0%;max 3,0%;within the limits of the grain admixture;
in particular beating grains –max 5,0%;max 5,0%;
Protein –min. 12,50%;min. 11,0%;unlimited;
Nature –base 740 g/L, min. 730 g/L.;min. 730 g/L.;base 720 g/L., min. 650 g/L.;
Gluten –min. 23%;min. 18%;unlimited;
VDK –max. 100 units;max. 100 units;
Falling-number value, s –base 250s, min. 180s;base 220s, min. 150s;
Damaged by shield-backed bugs –base 1%, max. 3%.base 3%, max. 5%.base 10%, max. 20%.